Welcome to the {Noel Photography and Design} blog. Here you will find posts about design, photography, and many things creative. Please feel free to leave motivational comments anywhere and hit that FOLLOW button to keep up-to-date with the crazy.

Other places to find things about {Noel P&D} are on FacebookLinkedInPinterest and my website. So be sure to follow me there too, because clearly I’m trying to take over your creative life!


I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, harboring three degrees in graphic design, photography and advertising. I hail from a small town in Nebraska, but moved to Iowa, then Colorado and then back to Nebraska once more. Where I have chosen to open a beautiful design and photo studio!

Being out-going, bold, and spontaneous are just a couple of my personality traits that often come out when I am designing, photographing and writing. I enjoy challenges that continually help push me to be a mentally and technically stronger at my passion: creating.

So join me here on WordPress and let’s get crafty.

Happy Creating!




  1. Nice to meet you J

    • Nice to meet u as well! Thanks for following & i enjoy your work- especially your black and whites!


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