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What You’re Really Paying for at my Photo Sessions.

April 7, 2017

As a photographer, when I began designing my photo collections I thought to myself, “How can I give my clients exactly what they need and still run my business effectively?” After all, there are about 100 different ways photographic artist conduct business.

Really, once I considered what was important to myself when it came to my personal photos, it didn’t take long to decide what I wanted to do. My business philosophy basically boiled down to this:

“I want to be paid for my time, and creative skill rather than forcing clients to purchase expensive prints that can’t be saved or backed-up.”

That seemed to make the most sense, while still being fair to both myself and my clients. Not to mention, it’s literally how almost every other service functions – pay for service and materials then receive the result.


Now, of course there are exceptions to every rule. For instance, boudoir portraits. Only professional labs will print these types of photos. (( Besides, who really wants to print their own flirty photos while the photo associate is silently judging you? HA HA! )) Then there are also occasional mini sessions I require some sore of product purchase, because it’s too difficult to put a price on such short sessions, where only one photo or two photos would be the ideal outcome.

But I digress. When it came to choosing between a USB of photos, or print orders for my regular sessions the first “pro” was clients being able to back-up their professionally captured memories. I thought about the thousands (yes, thousands) of photos I have being lost in a freak disaster: fire, flood, tech failure and etc… I would be completely devastated. So why put my clients at the same risk with their most important life events?


Plus, by providing a USB, I can deliver photos to clients much faster, and have time to offer some totally rad photo products that are much harder to find than regular prints. (And YES, they are completely awesome – especially for gifts and artistic, decor displays!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT ——–> Photo Product Info.)

The only thing I require in return with my Print and Publish release is this:

“The photos are still legally copyrighted to me, and should therefore never be altered other than sizing. In addition, when posting online add my photo credits {ie. Photos by…} to your post\description or even tag my business page.”

My work is my passion and my biggest form of advertisement. So all I ask is please give credit where credit is due.

{So what are you really paying for at my photo sessions and events?} My service, my creativity, my utmost attention to detail during post-production, and the priceless ability to preserve your professional memories.

When you choose to make an investment with Noel Photography and Design, I want it to be a LASTING one!

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I Can Not Deliver Unedited Images.

August 29, 2016

Every now and again I get potential clients looking for photo services that don’t, or won’t, include editing (or what some refer to as “post-production.”) Part of my job is being flexible because it’s a career with many uncontrollable variables. However, this is just one company policy I refuse to budge on as a professional photographer, and someone who claims to be an artist.

As clients, I urge you to do the same when looking for your photographer of choice! Understandably, many potentials ask this question, because for some it lowers the service cost. So, why do I beg clients to WANT the post-production? What’s my hype over editing?


Public Domain Image

It’s because post-production is more than just adding a pretty filter. It’s what the work says about the artist, their professionalism, and their ethic behind their work. Those who do post-production recognize that during a fast pace session, images may not be 100% perfect out of camera, and we have to skills to get it there after the fact. One, because we know what was missing when the shot was taken, and two, because we posses the technical skill and software to change it. Typically speaking, the reason to seek out an artist to do photos is because we have vision and skill. Otherwise, what’s the point?

To put it bluntly, asking a true photographer to skip post-production may mean you’re not really looking for a professional, or even an artist of photography, at all. That’s completely fine! But be willing to keep in mind someone who won’t do post-production may not be at the level of quality you’re expecting. Making the potential that your final product will be less than satisfactory.

Let’s face it, “Great Aunt Betty” or the “kid down the street” can take a few snapshots with a “nice camera” and hand them over. But will they have the skill to produce an image in which any “hiccups” can even be fixed?…A house is only as good as its foundation and the same goes for photography post-production.

Now, in addition to skill, let’s also consider “time.” Professional photographers spend hours, yes hours, going through photos and editing. We can afford to spend this kind of time and attention to your photos, because it’s our job! Now think about your schedule. Will your full-time job, kids, significant other, and thousands of other responsibilities allow you to put proper work into your images? Or will they sit untouched and unseen? I am the queen of “I think I can do it all,” but as I am unfortunately reminded of often: There are only so many hours in a day, and we must sleep.

Therefore, I beg you. Be willing to spare the little extra money to hire an “A-Z photographer.” Ask if they do post-production and how much. Allow them to take a task, they’re already prepared for, off your plate and create something amazing. You only get one chance to preserve a memory, therefore, if your images are important to you they should be equally as important to the person taking them.

“So, I apologize for the inconvenience, but no, I can not deliver your images unedited. Your photos are important to me, and when you receive them I want you to already be in love: with my service, my creativity and with your memories.”

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image

Now for those still sold on an unedited route. One topic photo clients need to consider when they seek unedited images are the legal considerations. Yes, legal. Scary word right? It can be if you’re unprepared, yet plan to self-edit. Did you know?…

“Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.”

That means, from the time the individual snaps the photo it’s protected by Federal Copyright Law and may not be reproduced, shared or altered (edited) by anyone but the maker without consent. While “Great Aunt Betty” will not likely take you to court, an artist who changes their mind and feels cheated might. So before you perform a photo shoot with someone willing to deliver unedited images, be sure they will also be willing to give proper, written documentation for you to self-edit the photos.

It never hurts to be too careful!

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