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What Happens After Hiring Noel P&D for My Wedding Photography?

February 12, 2018

That’s always a big question with any service…

“What will my experience be like with them from A-Z?”

Especially in the wedding scene where service options are endless, and you want your wedding day to have as few hitches as possible. So, I figure – let’s talk about it! Here’s what to expect after booking my wedding day services:

I have LOTS of bundling options! And yes, they’re things you’ll want, to help yourself before, during and after the wedding! The collections may include {free or discounted} services like: an engagement session, invitation services, boudoir session, Snapchat¬ģ filters, photo books and more!


Wedding planning is challenging. Getting caught up in the endless list, and letting some {important} things fall to the wayside is easy to do. So from the day you say, “you’re hired,” I’ll be doing whatever I can to help make sure your services with me go as smooth as possible.

This means sending reminders now and then about sessions, consults and invoice status. Plus, when you also choose my invitation services, I can help keep the invitation process on schedule. After all, on top of there being {so. much. etiquette.}, invitations have a LOT of little pieces and parts.



Every couple is required at least one consult with me, but if they feel the need, they are welcome to more!! Whether we have 1 or 5, consults are key.

One of the most asked questions I see on wedding boards:

“How is my wedding day timeline suppose to look!?”

While some couples choose to have a wedding planner to help with this aspect, in most cases the order of events is based around the photographer, videographer and\or other “timed” services. Therefore, I look at it as part of my job to sit down and allow you to hash out your timeline with at least one professional.


Photography is one of only a handful of services where couples have the opportunity for a “dry run” before their wedding day. Because I find such great value in this, ALL my collections include a free, local engagement session with me.

While we capture stunning portraits for year-round displays, invitations and save the dates, we will be using this time to get to know each other and how we work. It’s a wonderful {no pressure} session to feel out how the big day will go.


This is Taylor. My dress fluffing, groomsmen wrangling, time-watching, and sometimes candid-shooting assistant. Hear me when I say, “She. Is. AMAZING!”

While I’m busing being the creative eye and setting up killer shots, she’s behind the scenes making the day move like clock work for us. Together we are a force of nature working creatively for your special day!


Tay (left) and I (right)


Just in case all the above isn’t enough, I will also be here from start to finish to answer as many questions as you can possible think of. Seriously – please feel free to ask me millions of questions. I’m more than happy to help with anything I can!

Need to know more about my services? Great! Shoot me an email, call, or message on Facebook. I can’t wait to meet you! {}

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Kevin and Jamie Tie the Knot in Historic Fort Collins Loft.

February 6, 2018

You’ll have to call me a bit bias, but my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding was the absolute perfect nuptials to start my 2018. And only for my sister would I agree to shoot and be a part of a wedding at the same time. (Let me tell you about challenges!!)

So first, a special thank you to Jesse of Jesse Ramirez Photography, for capturing the other half of the wedding you won’t see here. Without his amazing help, I wouldn’t have been able to put a personal touch to their special day.

Moving from Colorado I can be one of the first to tell you its beautiful in the winter. Just put yourself there during Christmas and the New Year. Downtown is lined with twinkly white lights in all the trees, on every street. If you’re lucky enough to see a Colorado snow, it certainly is breathtaking when paired with the general splendor.

The venue was a historic loft tucked in downtown Fort Collins. Exposed brick walls, wood floors, vintage tile, and a 100-year old bar made this location the perfect place for Kevin and Jamie to tie the knot.


The quaint size of this space left Kevin and his best man to spruce up just next door to where Jamie was finally able to slip into her stunningly elegant gown; Buttons trailing down the back and gorgeous lace patterns covering the dress.


Before the ceremony, we planned our father’s first look on the beautiful two story balcony overlooking the city. And as any father looking at his little girl in a wedding dress, his reaction did not disappoint!



Afterwards it was time to “hurry up, and wait.” To slip the rings back into their boxes, finish our touch-ups,¬† get everyone into place, and wait.


Lanterns lined the aisle with a deep purple, green and grey color scheme. A beautiful arch filled with greenery, plum flowers and hanging candles awaits at the end of the aisle. Along with a more-than-ready groom. Immediate family of the couple look on as the wedding party of two, best man and maid of honor, make an entrance. Smiles all widen as Jamie finally makes her way down the aisle accompanied by her dad.

Before we know it, this small, intimate ceremony comes to an end and two are finally one.



The celebration begins with drinks and cake cutting under the stunning, historic bar. Followed by the new Mr. & Mrs. dancing the night away to the classic love song of “At Last” by Etta James.



As guests enjoy the party, and the evening comes to a close, Mr. & Mrs. Boyer are met by a beautiful white horse and carriage. The carriage ride trots them downtown through the glittery, light filled streets, to their suite… and well, happily ever after, of course. ūüôā


Thank you all for reading and be sure to leave your thoughts of their special day in the comments! Remember to follow along with me here on WordPress by blog or email. Plus, head on over to Facebook and Instagram to keep tabs on my daily feed. Until next time…

Happy Creating!



4 Mistakes to Avoid with your Wedding Photography.

January 10, 2018

Photography is a huge portion of your wedding day. Not only does it document your union for literally forever, but it can have a ripple effect on how smooth other parts of your day goes. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid:


Before hiring your photographer do some research. It’s so easy to use the same guy as your best friend, or to ask your neighbor’s cousin, but hiring them before you’ve done your homework is a huge, common mistake.

Check out their work, their reviews and their company policies. Make sure you love their style of photography, that they seem organized and helpful. If “too many questions” annoy them, they’re not the right choice.¬†If they can’t be helpful before your wedding day, they likely won’t be helpful the day of.

Do they seem to play well with others? Ask yourself it they’ll be sociable and easy to talk to for your guests, party, family, officiant or even other services, like a videographer??

If they’re not helpful, organized or easy to talk to it is a BIG deal. Ninety-nine percent of the time the photography schedule (and photographer) runs the show. Usually because your time with them is limited. So when choosing, make sure you feel comfortable with how they work.


One of my requirements with engaged couples is to have at least one consult. Whether your photographer requires it or not, consults with them should be high on your list. If they won’t do a consult with you – red flag!

When I sit down with a couple before their wedding I can discuss the “who, what, when and where.” We’ll cover little details, photo options, and even a timeline of the day. This gives couples a general timeline beforehand, plus allows you to make sure you’ve allotted enough time to do what you wanted with your photos. All of which will take SO much stress and concern off of you!


I can’t stress this tip enough. You can be the most organized person in the universe and it won’t matter. (Sorry!) But there are always going to be portions of your day that won’t go as quickly¬†or as perfect as you planned.

Maybe your best man is MIA every time it’s time for photos, there’s a delay in getting ready, a flat tire on the way to the church happens —SOMETHING. There’s always something that is likely to put at least a small delay in your photo time. Instead of letting it stress you, it’s better to just plan for a little extra time ahead of time. (ie. If you think 6 hours will cover it perfectly – book 7 hours.)

Not to mention, who wants to rush through their wedding day just to accomodate their time with their photographer? It’s suppose to be about you and your guests! In the grand scheme of things, a little extra money for an added hour or what-have you, will be 150% worth it.

Skip the excuses instead, because the engagement session is about more than just getting a few photos together…

This session gives you a one-on-one opportunity to work with your partner in front of the camera, and to see how your photographer works with you. When you reach the wedding day it’s going to help you relax when suddenly the spotlight is on you, in front of everyone.

Plus, having professional images will come in very handy for save the dates, invitations and making displays at the wedding.

Trust me! This is not a formality to skip. In fact, it’s why I add a totally free engagement session with all my wedding collections. It’s THAT important.



More questions, tips or concerns? Leave ’em in the comments!

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How To Get Ready for a Boudoir Shoot.

February 23, 2017

Your wedding, anniversary, or even the mid-term of your pregnancy is around the corner and you’ve decide to do something bold – a boudoir shoot. Now the session is creeping up, and let’s face it, most of us don’t do these types of shoots on the regular.¬†So what the heck do you do now to make the most of it all!?


Public Domain Image


Boudoir doesn’t mean you have¬†to find the tiniest piece of lingerie¬†known to man (unless of course you want to!) because there’s really a lot of options. Plus, just like our everyday clothing, there will be things you feel more (comfortable) and sexy in than others. So here’s a few options for your boudoir outfits:

  • Bra/Bralette & Panty Set
  • Corset or Bustier & Panty
  • Babydoll or Teddy & Panty
  • A Button-up Shirt &¬†Matching Panty
  • Sport jersey & Matching Panty

Panties could be boy shorts, cheekies, thongs, or even g-strings depending upon your personal preference, or what works best with the top.



Your look doesn’t stop at the lingerie (or lack there of.) Don’t forget to accessorize just like you would for any other shoot, but on a whole new level!

  • Chunky or long, fancy, fun necklaces
  • Long string of pearls or long plain necklace
  • Body Jewelry: Body chains, arm bands and etc.
  • High Heels – sexy black, colorful, printed or ones¬†full of character
  • Brides – bring your veil and special wedding day/night lingerie.
  • Lingerie accent pieces: hosiery, garters, garter belts and etc.

Public Domain Image


Consider taking your make up look to the next level. Doing so can help really accentuate your best features.

  • Bold, Dramatic & Defined Eyes
  • False Lashes
  • Lipstick – Fun, contrasted colors will really pop!
  • Body Glitter – to give you a little extra glow and shine
  • Hair loose and down – whether curled or straightened – looks super sexy!

Whatever you choose to do, especially if it’s new to you, be sure to practice¬†it ahead of time. One, to make sure you really love it, and two, because there’s nothing more time consuming than applying your cosmetics only¬†to remove them and try again.

Lastly, remember to relax! Boudoir sessions should be sassy, sexy AND fun. You are beautiful, so be confident and your images will reflect how you feel. Clients may even decide to theme their shoot: Pin-up, Classy retro, Rockabilly, Wedding, Girly, Dark & Seductive¬†and so much more! Don’t forget to be strategic in your session scheduling if you’re trying to make it a surprise for your other half.

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Ways to Display Photos at Your Wedding

June 7, 2016

June marks the beginning of prime wedding season. For many couple’s this means finding creative ways to display their two lives becoming one at their big day. The following are a few of my favorite ways to see couples layout their love story!

NOTE: As with any photo project, remember to use copies of your photos and not originals!!! Personal scanners or a scanner at a photo lab can be used to make copies of original prints. 


Monogram Collage

Found on Pinterest by Delachic.

Found on Pinterest by Delachic.

A monogram collage is one of the ultimate ways to display individual and couple photos on your new shared initial. I especially love all the sepia or black and white photos as an alternative to mixed color photos. Doing so makes a unified statement that will match any other decor.

Another alternative to this idea would be first name initials for each of your baby photos, then your last name initial for couple photos. Smaller letters may be ideal for this version of photo monograms.


Jars Jars Jars!

There are countless ways to display photos in jars, plus hundreds of jar types to choose from. But here are a few of my favorites.

Upside Down Jar Photos

Upside Down Jar Photos

Using various shapes and sizes for your jars can make a localized display very visually pleasing. Plus, flipping the jars upside down gives them a whole new look! Consider adding flameless tea lights under the jars to add an evening glow.


Jar Frame found on Pinterest by

Jar Frame found on Pinterest by

A whole new meaning to “framing.” This is an easy DIY¬†to add photos to your centerpiece mason jars. Simply apply an adhesive chalkboard label to the jar and paint over it to make a little window. Add in the centerpiece decor of your choosing and done!


Floating Vintage Photo found on Pinterest by Home Decorating Trends.

Floating Vintage Photo found on Pinterest by Home Decorating Trends.

This may be my all-time favorite of the jar displays, and an awesome way to incorporate a truly vintage feel. These photos are suspended in vegetable\olive oil in a mason jar. The oil won’t soak in to the photo, therefore, keeping it afloat. Add¬†a small dried flower stem, like lavender or baby’s breath, for an extra vintage-romantic feel.


Clothes Line 

Like with jars, “clothes line” picture holders can be done in many ways and placed in various places. In front of¬†tables, across old windows, between, around or hanging from trees and much more! Not to mention, clothes lines can be scattered with pictures or made into a timeline of your stories.

Clothes Line Pictures found on Pinterest.

Clothes Line Pictures found on Pinterest.

Use an old window to create your clothes line in a popular place, such as a drink station, dessert table, gift table, or wedding favor display. Scatter the photos or dedicate each layer to a “his, hers and ours” timeline.


Tree Clothes Line found on Pinterest by Bridal Guide Magazine.

Tree Clothes Line found on Pinterest by Bridal Guide Magazine.

Incorporate the outdoors in your outdoor wedding! Simply wrap a tree with twine and clothes pin your photos around the tree. Rustic Love!


Clothes Line Board found on Pinterest.

Clothes Line Board found on Pinterest.

Another easy DIY is to wrap a barn wood or stained board in twine to clothes pin photos to, or simply slip photos behind the string!


Photo Walls

This can be done to match any style of wedding. “Walls” also¬†allow¬†room for¬†a large amount of pictures, or even framed images.

Pallet Wall found on Pinterest.

Pallet Photo Wall found on Pinterest.

Pallets are a popular trend that are rustic, easy and relatively inexpensive to get. Not to mention they allow for plenty of surface area to display large, framed photos and even accent decor pieces.


Shutter Photo Wall found on Pinterest.

Shutter Photo Wall found on Pinterest.

Shutters are a great alternative to pallets for a rustic\chic look. They also can be found in various colors! The small slats make for easy hanging, and adding hinges allow the shutters to be displayed anywhere at your wedding.


Wall Collage(s) found on Pinterest.

Wall Collage(s) found on Pinterest.

Looking for a more modern style? Create a collage wall using foam core boards, mod podge and copies of your favorite photos! Take an organized approach like the square images (above to the left) or a more scattered collage (above to the right.) Foam core makes for easy transportation and display at your event.


What are your favorites for wedding displays? Leave your comments or questions below! Thank you all for reading and be sure to follow my blog here on WordPress or by email. Then hit the LIKE button on my Facebook page for more updates from Noel Photography & Design.

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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

April 3, 2015

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, meaning it should be documented exactly the way you planned,¬†and remember it to be! Nobody wants a scenario where they thought their photos would¬†temporarily “take their breath away,” and¬†instead get ones¬†that make them stop breathing all together.

Now-a-days, the options for photographers are¬†overwhelming, making it easy to¬†grab one and go. Unfortunately, many couples realize¬†later¬†they should have taken more time to select a likable candidate. Take a look below at a few of Noel Photography & Design‘s¬†tips, to help you find¬†the¬†right¬†artist for¬†your special day!

Photo courtesy of Public Domain.

Photo courtesy of Public Domain.


Your Style.

Every wedding has a theme or certain¬†feel to it. Your¬†personality¬†should definitely be carried out through your photos. When you look back on your images, you will want to recall the feeling you had that very day! Every photographer will do their work¬†a little differently, so it’s important to make sure your artist fits your needs, in the category of style.

Before diving into contacting hundreds of photographers, and asking the same questions over and over, use the web to your advantage. Take the time to browse different photography approaches and styles online.

Do you like high¬†contrasts or airy chic filters? ¬†Would you prefer traditional, or extremely artistic¬†shots? Will I want my photographer to shoot with film or digital? The options are endless, so by doing some research on creative approaches, it will help you decide the look you’d like your photos to have.


Location. Location. Location.

Whether you choose your style, or the location of your photographer first, it doesn’t really matter. But you will definitely want to consider where your artist is coming from. Most photographers take into account they will have to do some travel, and reflect that in their cost. However, if your¬†wedding¬†is a long ways out-of-state from where you live, consider finding¬†a photographer in the area of the event. Extensive travel and potential housing¬†usually ends up being additional costs, outside of their package price.¬†Not to mention,¬†a¬†local photographer will know the “lay of the land.” Meaning¬†they¬†know the area well, and may¬†provide better backdrops and scenery for your images.

After you’ve chose both the location and style you want,¬†browse portfolios of artists in that area. This will significantly narrow down your search,¬†by¬†seeing which one fits your theme in the most convenient location.

[Out-of-country Destination Weddings see below.]


Cost Expectations. 

After style and location, is the subject of money. Let’s first¬†discuss cost expectations. One question often brought up for wedding photography is, “Why is it so expensive?”

There are several things¬†to consider when choosing your photography budget, and knowing what goes into your cost will definitely help. Remember artists¬†not only have to charge for the time they spend at your wedding, but the hours they will be putting into editing your photos afterwards. On average, an hour of shooting produces 75-100 photos. Now consider they are at your event for at least two to four hours. That’s a lot of post-production!

On top of the hours of service, for your protection and theirs, event¬†photographers need¬†insurance on¬†their person and\or equipment. After you factor in those expenses, plus any additional costs, such as travel and housing, it all starts to add up quickly. Most would be shocked to realize¬†how low a wedding photographer’s hourly rate actually is, despite what they charge.

Wedding 2

Photo courtesy of Public Domain.



Now that you have an idea of what is going into your cost, how do you choose a budget? Some are maybe thinking, “Well can’t they cut out editing or something, I don’t really need that, do I?

Making only two important questions that couples need to ask themselves:


1. Do we want a professional photographer?

If you want the quality and creativity, then YES, choose a professional artist.¬†When I say “professional” I mean those who have experience and\or a degree in photography. Professionals charge what they do because of their experience and post-production skill.¬†You never know what will happen the day of, so having a professional will help keep the photo drama to a minimum.

If you’re thinking no, to keep the cost down, I am going to ask you to first¬†take a minute to reconsider. Yes, professional photography is more expensive than Aunt Rita, or your neighbor who has a “professional camera.” However, just remember, its not the camera that produces that level of professionalism- its the artist.

Having a nice camera, does NOT guarantee great photos.

Someone who does a “shoot and burn” session,¬†completely skips the post-production¬†step. So¬†all you receive¬†is an archive of unedited photos. This means: no lighting correction, no color adjustments, and any skin blemishes standing proud.¬†More often than not, unedited sessions¬†result in photos you’re not happy with.

In summary on this question, choose a professional artist that meets your location and style criteria, but who also has plenty of package options. Doing so will accommodate your budget, while still getting those breath taking photos that include all the perks of being professional.

[Note: Typically a professional will edit all, or at least 50-75%¬†of your images. So regardless what price level you choose from a professional, ALWAYS ask what their retouching procedures are. Do they edit all, some or none? Doing this will¬†make sure you don’t hit a random, expensive “professional” who is cutting corners.]


2. Do I want full coverage of the event, or just a few hours?

As mentioned above, photographers often have different package “levels.” So the second, and real deciding factor question, is all about time.

After all, “Time is money…”

On average, if you are looking to have your whole day, or at least 3\4 of it covered, with multiple photographers, its safe to say you should probably budget at least $2000. Some may even reach upwards of $5000-$10,000.

On the contrary, for a less expensive option, choose a smaller package with just a few hours, or partial coverage of the event. While you may have to decide what portions of the day are most important, smaller packages will likely be $1999 or less. This varies upon the exact time you need, number of photographers, how many images they deliver and edit.

[Note: For package options, its extremely important to ask your potential candidates what their packages include. Examples may be: copyright release to print and post photos, physical prints, and/or specialty items. All of those are great package extras, and are important to know, to make sure they meet your needs.]

In a nutshell, a good rule of thumb to remember with photography: You get what you pay for.


Destination Weddings.

These types of weddings are somewhat of an¬†exception. Trying to find a photographer in another country will likely be too much of a challenge. Hiring out-of-country may¬†cause communication, cultural, or currency issues.¬†In the case of¬†destination weddings, it will probably work best to first define your wedding style (as described above), and then narrow down by who is able to make the journey. If you prefer someone local to you, check their website, or make a call to find out¬†if they’re willing to travel. On the other hand, a simple search of “destination wedding photographers” will produce a list of candidates. One way or another, bringing your own photographer will be better than trying to find someone there, or using¬†a resort’s on-staff photographer. Your personal artist will be more likely to get the quality and kind of photos you want.

As for budgeting expectations on destination nuptials, it would be wise to plan for at least $3000 on professional photos. Again, keeping in mind quality, creativity, travel, food, and housing expenses.

Image From Public Domain Files

Photo courtesy of Public Domain.


Hopefully these tips will put you on the road to successfully finding your wedding photographer. If you have questions, or helpful comments on this subject, please feel free to comment below!

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