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Should I “DIY” my Wedding Invitations?

February 10, 2017

As couples work through their list of wedding plans, they often find it necessary to pick out certain items and projects to tackle on their own. Understandably. Perhaps because they can’t find what they’re looking for, or more so, because after awhile it becomes WAY too expensive to purchase every little thing “ready-made.”

So what about your wedding invitations and stationary?

As a graphic designer, I work with bride and grooms all the time who come in wondering about professional invitations vs the process of DIY. Because I’m a designer AND a crafty person ((who LOVES to DIY)) I can usually help them sort the pros and cons pretty quickly. This short blog is the process I go through with my clients to hopefully help YOU decide your best option, as well!


The very first question I ask couples is what their weekly schedules are like. If you’re someone with a full time job, lots of hobbies and\or a busy home life then “DIY invitations” are likely not for you. Like starting anything from scratch, it takes up a ridiculous amount of time. So if you can’t do the time, don’t do the craft!

Even with a light – moderate schedule it’s important to consider the amount of time you have before you need to SEND your invites. Typically invitations should be to your recipients no later than 3 months before your actual event. Decide if the amount of invitations you can get done {daily\weekly\monthly} will produce the amount you need and still be done in time to mail.

If you only have a few months to produce 100+ invitations it’s probably best to leave the designing and printing to the pros, and focus your attention on other details. That close to the wedding it’ll be nice to have extra time for “emergency planning” situations that may arise, instead of still worrying about such an important aspect of your event.

Before I start any craft, I like to consider my attention span and patience. If you need more than 100 invitations ((plus RSVPs, ceremony programs, or additional stationary for wedding info)) the process of creating them is going to become monotonous, boring and even frustrating. Resulting in the potential of your invitations becoming sloppy, in-cohesive, or worse, not done! Save yourself the frustration when the quantities become very high and avoid DIY.

Sometimes we like to fool ourselves into believing that DIY is always going to save us a buck. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Buying all the individual materials can quickly stack up your bill! Especially because you’ll want good, “sturdy” materials to keep them together. So the next thing you know you’ve spent $150 on craft items and a new $200 printer, when you could have potentially found a professional option for less than $100 and no hassle.

Before you dive in, list out all the materials you’re going to need to buy to get the job done RIGHT. Not to mention, the real possibility you may make a mistake at some point and have to redo something – requiring extra materials and money. Compare the cost of materials vs. the cost of having them professionally made. The outcome may just answer your question for you.

Lastly, I like people to consider how much of a “perfectionist” they are, as well. That sounds silly, but it goes two ways.

One, depending on the style of invitation, it’s reasonable to guess your 80th invitation may not be as perfect, or as exact, as your 1st. Which may just drive your OCD over the edge.

Two, on top of inconsistency, it’s important that your invitations don’t fall apart before your guests get them. Which means no cutting corners when you’re getting burned out, or run out of glue, so you start using tape. If they fall apart, your money’s down the drain and your chairs at the wedding are empty.

In the end it’s a commitment that must get done. If you’re up for the challenge gather as much help as possible and get started as early as possible! If you’re not up for the challenge (IT’S COMPLETELY OK!!) just put the craft scissors down and walk away!


Did I get you towards your decision, or are you still unsure? Whether professional or craft questions, drop them in the comments and I’ll give it my best!

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Happy Creating!



When to Self-Print vs. When to Professionally Print Custom Invitations

June 28, 2016

It’s no surprise that weddings, or really any planned party event, can quickly become expensive. It’s also no surprise that invitations are one of the required expenses in order for people to show up! I always have clients looking for ways to make sure their invitations look amazing, while not having to sell the house, car, or labra-doodle to do so. But where do you draw the line?

Invitations come in so many options today and can be presented in about 1000 different ways from informal to formal. Regardless of your style, invites shouldn’t have to break the bank. After all, while they are definitely high on the list they are not the only important expense. Obviously, in the end it will be up to the host to decide where to spend their budget and how much they are willing to spend to get what they want. However, from a professional designer, here’s a few general tips on where to open the wallet vs. where you might save a buck:


Image and Design © Noel Photography and Design | DO NOT COPY

Image and Design © Noel Photography and Design | DO NOT COPY



YES! Hands down, always professionally print the invitation. An invitation, no matter what style, is formal by nature and should be treated as such. Often it will be kept by your close friends and family, or at the very least, displayed on their fridge\message board for a significant amount of time. Plus, it has all the most important info your guests need: who, what, where and when!  Plus, most (not all but most) professionally printed items add a “coating” over the printed side. This helps make the invite resistant to scratches, scuffs, spills and etc. All things that could effect how the item reads if something happens. So plan to spend the money to make sure they are quality pieces that will last and withstand being mailed.



The RSVP is equally as important as the invite, but this time it needs to be able to get back to you in one piece. So again, plan to have this professionally printed. You will be expecting your recipients to respond with their answer in order for you to effectively plan your event. Like the invitation, professional printing will help to ensure your paper is quality to go through the mail (twice) and still be legible when it gets back to you.



Typically I urge these to be professionally printed if they contain a photo. However, this can be a coin toss for the host.

If there is a photo, often times your recipient will keep it! After all, you chose a design that incorporated an image for a reason. It might as well look nice and be durable. On the other hand, while save the dates definitely serve their own purpose, it doesn’t have ALL your event’s info so it will likely get tossed once the invitation arrives. Making this is one of those budgeting decisions for the host!

Save the Date | Product Photo & Design are © Noel Photography and Design | DO NOT COPY

Save the Date | Product Photo & Design are © Noel Photography and Design | DO NOT COPY



Don’t feel guilty if you skip the professional printing here. Unless you have an extremely unique invitation set that can only be matched by your professional’s set up, it’s a great idea to print hotel info, reception directions and registries yourself. These items are meant to be functional rather than a formal keepsake. More than likely your guests will be stuff registry slips in their purse or wallet to go shopping, hotel info will be reiterated to them once they book, and most will likely transfer addresses\directions to their personal devices for future reference. Therefore, these items serve a short lived purpose. So whether they are professionally designed, or your own creation, save a buck and print these simply and efficiently!


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Happy Creating!


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