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You’re Hiring a Graphic Designer…Now What?

January 12, 2016

Let me start off by saying, “I LOVE working with clients.” I love the people who drive me, give me opportunity for success, and most importantly, make my job……well, a job.

So while in many ways sharing this information does help the designer, my intention here is to further the client’s understanding of the method behind the madness. To really put your mind at ease about what will come next when you choose a professional designer, (besides greatness of course!) I mean, let’s face it. Hiring a designer for the first time can feel like an expensive gamble!

While I can only guarantee the following content is what goes down after hiring me for a job, I’m sure many designers will be, (or if we’re being confident about it, SHOULD BE) similar.

Alright, so you’re going to hire a designer, here’s what’s next:


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I put this first because it’s something both parties need through the entire project process. Simply put – design is hard! Have you ever played the game where you draw on paper what another is describing with your eyes closed? That is what being a designer is kind of like. It sounds terrible, but don’t get me wrong, designers LIVE for those types of challenges.

We just have to ask for you to be patient with us, and we will do the same for you. Like the game mentioned above, we are trying to make a masterpiece from a mere “thought pebble,” or trying to extract an already completed masterpiece from your head and put it on paper.

Talk about a challenge! Which brings me to my next client tip…



It’s not as scary as it sounds! This may actually go down multiple times throughout a job. Usually once in a consultation before the project starts, and again after each draft, or before the final. Either way, its not a test! I can assure you these are questions you will know, or at least have an opinion about.

After you’ve given your description of the project, an artist may still need more to build the picture in your head for ourselves. The more questions you allow us to ask, the closer the drafts will be to what you were imagining. Often making for fewer revisions and faster completion. These are just a few questions you may hear along the way:

  • a) Any color schemes you’d prefer?
  • b) Size specifications?
  • c) What styles\themes do you like?
  • d) On your examples, what parts do you love? What parts do you hate?

The list goes on and on, and will change throughout the process. If you just plain don’t know on some of the questions – that’s ok too. After all, as the professional we are here to help. Most the time the questions you don’t know will quickly become apparent after the first draft.

There is only one tip I have for clients with absolutely no idea on what they’d like for their project:

“If at all possible, allow a little extra time and\or money to make room for trial and error. It isn’t a matter of IF we can create something you’ll love, but when there are no guidelines, design concepts and revisions could literally be endless.”

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image



My only end goal is for you to walk away happy, with a quality and successful finished project. Plain and simple. To achieve that, however, expect nothing less than honest communication – from both of us. You likely hired a professional for one main reason:

“You wanted/needed help , and you’re looking for someone with expertise to do so.”

As a client you will want to give your honest opinions of my work, which I need and appreciate. Likewise, I will need to be able to speak to you honestly about your ideas and concepts. It is never my intension to be rude, mean, or talk you out of something you love. Rather, I will always give feedback about your ideas because its my job.

It is my job to try and catch any “red flags” before, or during the design process. If I can be open with you about it, it prevents problems, design flaws, or even costly mistakes. In the end, the famous line I tell every client is,

“I will give you my professional advice, because its what you’re paying for, but its up to you whether you take it to heart, or with a grain of salt.”



Every company and freelancer operates with their own process, so it is here that I speak mostly for myself. First, in general terms, all companies have a “design, revise, deliver” set-up of some sort. Often with their own regulations on money deposits, how many concepts and revisions they offer, how they deliver the final work, and of course, final payment.

For me personally, I like to keep things as simple and clear cut as possible, while still meeting all the needs of my client. Often this means providing different service options with various “price points.” Allowing clients to choose a budget and design process they feel works for them.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image

Like all companies, I have rules I follow for payment, delivery and such, but I try to make my services flexible enough for any potential prospect.

Now I ask, does hiring a professional designer seem as scary? I hope not, because we rarely bite. If anyone has any questions they can think of about hiring a designer, I would love to give you my best input. Just comment below!

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Happy Creating!


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